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Fedha empowers individual and institutional growth by creating solutions that increase access to loans and other financial products.

At Fedha…

We believe that expanding access to loans goes beyond improving the lives of recipients. It drives happiness and fosters socio-economic development. That’s why we build people-centric, tech-driven solutions for financial inclusion.

We serve individuals and institutions through various products and services.


Loans without stress.

Dole is our flagship application for lending. With a few taps on your phone, Dole gives you the financial access you need to advance your life and dreams.


No collateral. No paperwork. Our transparent pre approval process tells you your loan eligibility upfront. We make it quick and easy for you to apply and get loans whenever, wherever you need then.


Our first-rate technology and encryption algorithms ensure your data is safe and so are your loans. Securely manage your wallet on Dole and transfer to beneficiaries anytime on our platform.


Fund your needs with ease. With our low interest rates, flexible timelines, and direct debit, repayment is convenient and stress-free!

Institutional Access to Dole

Give your staff the power of more.

Your staff members are your greatest asset, so providing an optimal experience for them goes beyond salaries to benefits. With Dole for Institutions, you increase staff satisfaction by giving them easy access to loans without collaterals.

APIs for Financial Institutions

Do more with what you have

We help financial institutions make sense of their data and get the best out of it through tailored data-driven product solutions. We’ll leverage your existing infrastructure and data to develop and deploy technology solutions that expand your reach and growth, while also empowering your customers’ progress.